EDitorial ± 18-Jan-2010

Then There Was Light

You know what we haven't had in a while? Something we always used to have? Sorry, 2 Unlimited -- sometimes there IS a lyric:

Tell me something that you do like
Tell me something you think rules
— MJ Hibbett & The Validators, Tell Me Something You Do Like

Here's something that I do like and that I think rules -- my Really Tiny Book Light. As a night owl married to a morning person, it solves that conundrum caused by going to bed in the darkness yet still wanting to read. Turn on the bedside 25W? Methinks not.

Instead, slip that RTBL onto the outside cover of your Richard & Judy paperback -- or, if you're dead literary like what I am, Thomas Pynchon's massive opus Gravity's Rainbow -- and you're away, though not with the fairies. Maximum LED lumos for you, minimal disruption for your literally sleeping partner. Freshly loaded with three AG3 watch batteries, it'll flood your page like a UFO's tractor beam.

I'd tried a couple of other models before, but they were either too heavy or too inflexible. Then I discovered this little fella, maybe in Waterstones, made by That Company Called If. Under a tenner and I love it. Available in all colours of the rainbow -- I'd recommend the pea green -- specifically to match your duvet.