EDitorial ± 2-Feb-2010

TT0910, Week 18

Dodo wall calendar had "TT reserve" against my name today. Mid morning I got the Capello call: Anshul's got a virus, so can you play? Should be fine, I said. Can easily put off that new CSI episode until tomorrow. Took a while to twig that tonight's Chelsea-esque opponents were sitting on top of the league with games in hand.

Poor PC Andy, newly recovered and fighting fit, never stood a chance, going down in straight games and then some. That beaten record remain intact.

Rene fared better, nicking a game off Nick and even taking the first end against Bernie, no mean feat. Fella played some good stuff and needs to show that form against other lesser teams, i.e. everybody else.

And me? Surely I could improve upon last time's big fat zero? Er, no. Much huffing and puffing and cracking games against both Nick and Rob, but all for naught/nought. Bummer.

Plus a doubles defeat for me and Rene, so that'd be 10 (ten) for them, 0 (zero) for us. Awful.