EDitorial ± 23-Mar-2010

TT0910, Week 25

And it's welcome back to Grenvyle for his first match of the season. He enters late, though still comfortably before Cassy-time, holding aloft a freshly glued bat. Is that within the rules? All this while Ed flitted between the TT hut and the office, some out-of-hours work that should have finished by 7:30pm going on until 10:30pm. Not good for concentration.

Funny old game tonight, Anshul losing to Robin (what has he got on that black rubber?) from 10-8 up and Ed winning against Robin from 9-5 down. Our Kings XI man then did really well to beat Tony Clarke in straight close ends, who then scraped past Ed in a similar fashion.

Meantime, Grenvyle was scaring Michael (who'd already lost two) by winning an end and going to deuce before youth prevailed. Little bit of coaching, and maybe a practice knock or two, and Grenvyle could win a game or two.