EDitorial ± 16-Jun-2010

Light Lunches: Flaming Fryer, Wickham Market

The name "Wickham" has been all over the loo-cal news in recent months, all because the once mighty ITFC have, for once, landed themselves a useful player Young fella goes by the name of Connor Wickham and wasn't even a twinkle during Italia 90. He's the great blue & white hope for less-than-Keane's Tractor Boys.

It's rumoured that Spurs ('ello, 'appy 'arry) are in the market for Wickham, which contrivedly brings us to Wickham Market. Been here before nigh on two years ago, the four of us, to try the Tea Pot. Always said we'd return to check out the chippy, and here we are, three of us, one down. Entrance to the Flaming Fryer is round the side -- follow the sign to the Red Triangle Bowls Club -- and the inside is nicely kitted out. All very fresh and new: that'd be due to the old place burning down. Charlie says these things happen.

We order, and I think I'm bucking the trend by picking a can of Ben Shaw dandelion and burdock, only for Andy and Kev to do the same. Copycats. Spurning the sun, we go for the cafe-style high stools and can't quite decide how best to sit on them. All a bit perilous, lunching at altitude like Dick Fosbury.

Grub's up, presented in quality cardboard boxes, and my Pukka Pie & be-ketchup-ed chips, with slurps of D&B, hit the spot. Miniature chip fork handled the spud strips but was defeated by the pie. Right tasty, job done.

If it was a car -- Fiat Ducato.
If they were passing by -- Mike McShane.