EDitorial ± 13-Sep-2010

Harvest At Jimmy's

Another weekend, another Suffolk festival. And no, I didn't lose any children under my care this time. Well, their mother was a bit concerned briefly, but I always knew they'd turn up.

Day ticket for Harvest At Jimmy's, local home of our local celebrity pig farmer, him off the telly. It ran for the first time last year and now it's back, with more cookery and more music. Missed the Hairy Bikers and Scouting For Girls on Saturday, and it's fingers crossed for good weather on Sunday.

Short trip to Wherstead in the heavily loaded 7-seater, briefly in a queue, and we're in. Fiver to park your naughty carbon-emitting vehicle though there's a free apple for every passenger. Sun's spotlighting local boy Ed Sheeran as he finishes his well-received set. Going one-up on Latitude, there are large individual letters spelling out HARVEST, each one a-top its own hay bale thus forming seven separate and non-confusable meeting points. Clever.

Touring the catering stands, River Cottage is here (but no Hugh) as is a Jamie Oliver concession (Jamie Does Elsewhere), plus loads more. Burrito for me, please, with chicken, rice, guacamole, black beans, cheese, etc. Nom. While I'm waiting on wifey's freshly made fusilli and king prawns, scruffy fella walks past with all eyes on him. That'll be new father Jimmy Doherty.

Music-wise, Kate Rusby is splendid (despite the rain shower) and splendidly down-to-earth, Jo Whiley spins some discs and gets the crown jumping, and The Hoosiers are pop-tastic. Bloomin' 'eck, sun's gone and temperature is going down faster than a rare breed burger. Thank goodness for Newton Faulkner to warm the cockles. Not someone who's been on my radar before, but the man's a star. Fantastic show with strings, video effects, a dancing alien and a phenomenal version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Top man, top day out. Though mighty glad to get back in the car and stick the heater up to 11.