EDitorial ± 1-Nov-2010

TT1011, Week 8

Best part of three years since our last encounter with the King's Men of Felixstowe. Good to see that lashing Les, junior John and foxy FredFrank continue to turn out, rain or shine.

I'd pre-warned Andy that I'd be late. By the time I arrived -- 8:30pm -- he'd completed his games, winning the lot, apparently with a sack of nets and edges. Twas ever thus. He was also busy demonstraing his mastery of simple thermostat controls.

Pressure on, averages wise, my turn. Full set of three to me too, though FredFrank took an end and threatened to take more. For someone in his late 70s, he moves like a lad of 17.

Rene made me look punctual by appearing around 9pm. Sadly, he wasn't at the races for the first two games, mind occupied by the pleasures of working for a major bureaucracy. At least he landed his final game.

By-the-numbers doubles win for Ed & Andy, despite FredFrank's wish that Rene should be playing, then onto The Alex for most pleasant coffee and cake.