EDitorial ± 19-Jan-2011

TT1011, Week 15

Ooh, new venue. Having fallen out with the Norbridge "management", the Williams clan eventually dropped anchor in the centre of town at the Manor Club, aka the Manor Ballroom. Strictly Ping Pong tonight, and unfortunately our resident twinkletoes, Rene, can't make it. That'll leave the hardcore of Ed and Andy C. Despite being a man down, there's optimistic talk of snatching a victory.

Wasn't to be. Simple-ish wins for Ed against father & son (with the bingo caller's drone coming through the ceiling). Ditto Andy with a bit more effort. Which left Michael to further improve his already impressive division 3 average, brushing aside both of us.

Could and should have grabbed a draw by taking the doubles; failed to do that too. Credit to Winsley and Michael for digging deep and wanting it more than us. Promotion is going the way of those New Year's resolutions.