EDitorial ± 1-Apr-2011

Andrea Hill "Dark Mark" Appears

Andrea Hill -- Outsource IPSWICH, April 1st, 2011: A ghostly image of Suffolk County Council's Chief Executive, Andrea Hill, is manifesting on particular buildings around the town. So far the picture has been spotted on local libraries at Rosehill and Westbourne (see image gallery for more). Unconfirmed sightings have also been reported outside the Connexions youth service on Fore Street and at various care homes.

Above the capitalised red word "outsource", the eerie black and white image appears to show a smiling Andrea Hill, recent star of both the Mail and Telegraph as well as Private Eye favourite.

Jackie Little, 36, who works at Rosehill library, said: "We've already had the Borough's Graffiti Squad round several times. Last Friday morning they came up and painted over it. Then, by teatime, it was clear as day again, stronger than before.

"The staff here call it the 'dark mark'. I'm beginning to wonder if it can ever be removed."

However, not everyone is convinced by the "apparition".

Roy Bailey, 56, from the Brain, Head & Spine Unit at Ipswich Hospital, commented: "I've not seen the thing myself but I would have to question its authenticity. It may well be some kind of visual fallacy, a rare example of NSD -- Neuro Synaptic Delusion."

A spokesman from Suffolk County Council said: "While we endeavour to engage with all stakeholders via a place-based approach, I can confirm that the image in question bears no resemblance to any photographs within our current portfolio. Andrea Hill remains a visionary figure."