EDitorial ± 7-Jul-2011

Ipswich Lunches: Arlingtons

I've got a window, said Andy: how's 5-7pm on Thursday? Er, OK. I'll be working from home anyway. Can start/finish a tad earlier. Tricky timeslot, that one. Cafes are closing, restaurants aren't open. Let me see what I can find.

17:00 and I'm first to arrive. I've been to Arlingtons before though not with Andy, and we're about to partake of a splendid offer from Ipswich Central:

Afternoon Tea For 2 For £7.50, Available 2:30pm To 5:30pm Until 31st July

That's the deal. Apart from a choice of cake, we don't rightly know what's going to turn up. Quick flick through a good choice of good papers -- nothing from News International here -- then our pot of tea arrives. As you'd expect from this place, it's in a classy pot with classy cups.

Oh my goodness, here's our food (pictured) on a stand of goodness. Bear with us as we greedily work our way through:

  • (from the top): smoked salmon sandwiches, crusts removed
  • (from the bottom): sizeable scone with Bonne Maman jam and pot of cream
  • (also from the bottom): slab of cake: vic sponge for me, coffee for him

Wow. Bloated. Creosote country. Excellent stuff. Lovely setting. Roll us home. Those saddles are in for a pounding.