EDitorial ± 17-Nov-2011

Ipswich Lunches: Tastyfill, Felaw Maltings

You're WFH in The 'Swich, I'm picking up a parcel near IpCity, let's do a none too lengthy light lunch, proposed Andy. I have a venue, he added. See you there for 12:45ish. All good. So 12:50ish I'm enjoying a pleasant cycle along Stoke Quay on the less glamourous side of the waterfront. Lock bike to a post outside The Steamboat and hop over the road.

This landmark building is the Felaw Maltings, as seen in Lovejoy (that Mega Byte Cafe connection) but we'll deal with that some other time. Once a hive of industry, then left to rot, now a centre of hi-tech gubbins. Plus a cafe, says the sign outside. In, head down and straight up the stairs. Up four flights and it ain't here. Odd. Back down, ask at reception this time: you'll be wanting those, she says, pointing at the stairs not taken. Another quartet of ascension and phew, gasp, pant, I'm here at Tastyfill, the in-house eatery. I spy Andy.

Peculiar little place. Sloping roof, fridge in the corner, windowlight, the odd print on the wall and a sizeable serving hatch stroke counter. Laminated list lists mostly sandwich combinations, though there's also salads, lasagne, etc. Large bap, please -- last bit of French stick will do nicely -- with sausage and egg. Obviously such a place is mostly if not entirely for the Maltese workers. Must help trade with the town centre being a fair stroll away. Here's my lunch, hand delivered to table, and it's bloomin' 'normous. That'll take some eating, as will Andy's full English.

No time for coffee nor cake: ouch, it even hurts to write it. Mind you, we're both stuffed to the AA Gills. Tastyfill: bit off the beaten track but tasty, filling and very good value.

If it was a car -- Volvo 265 GLE.
If they were passing by -- Chris Jury.