EDitorial ± 25-Jan-2012

Light Lunches: Elveden, Thetford

Traditional day off for G's birthday. Up to me to book somewhere for lunch, but where's new, where's different? Yes, the Leaping Hare at Wyken (wot no review) is wonderful, as was Jimmy's Farm last year. Let's consult Don, a recent FOLLower (Friend Of Light Lunch) and fellow cafe botherer. Among his personal favourites are the Suffolk Food Hall, Bizzi Beans, and, ooh, the Elveden Estate. Where's that?

Past Bury St Edmunds and straight on till morning, or until you hit Thetford if you miss the turn. There 'tis, on the bend. Turn right, head round, can't miss it. Miserable late January weather yet quite a few cars here already. Through the food hall (much like that one on The Strand) and into the relaxed restaurant: G. pleased to be seated close to the open fire. Pizza Express-sized menu is well presented, a happy portent, and there's a handful of (mostly lamb-based) specials.

Skip the starters -- heck, it's only lunchtime -- and straight into mains. Tough choice. Scallops and black pudding on a posh plate for the birthday girl, venison burger with substantial chunky chips for the driver. Yum. Well, this is all very nice. Rest of the diners are the very definition of Ladies That Lunch: mums 'n' daughters 'n' friends.

Pudds look good too: my waffle with maple syrup did the job, and G's frangipane with honeyed nuts was to die for. Excellent coffee, too. Busy today, I ask the friendly waitress? No, it's quiet, she says. Place must get chocka when the weather's half-decent, hence all that outside seating. Not cheap but not expensive either; highly recommended. And if you've got any money left, you can wander round the "lifestyle" shops selling items you didn't know you didn't need.

If it was a car -- Mercedes ML.
If they were passing by -- Bunny Guinness.