EDitorial ± 1-May-2012

Light Lunches: Martlesham Cafe

Signs. Signs are lost. Signs disappeared. Turn invisible. So said Talking Heads some years ago. Recently though, signs have appeared. There's one directly outside the Adastral Park site. There's another near Kingpin. These signs say CAFE. We must follow the signs.

Follow them we do, into the Martlesham business park, and the signs are that the signs will lead to Barnes Catering, scene of a happy outing this time last year. But no. A couple of units along is a Lavazza board and an elegant white-on-black "Cafe" sign. Yes, we're open, says the guy inside. We have arrived.

They've been open for maybe a fortnight, he says, and they're still getting it together, finding out what works and what doesn't. I'm the first, he says, to order the double sausage, egg and chips from the long list of Big Breakfast options. Andy's a sucker for the full big breakfast. We take a seat (of which there's quite a few) away from the overhead telly and await our grub. Another good sign: proper Heinz and HP sauce bottles.

We're proper hungry when a lady emerges from out back (like A Cry In The Dark, that Meryl Streep film) with our platters of plenty. Big thumbs up, the food hitting that spot bang in the centre. By the time we're done, the front-desk bloke is looking to move us on and lock up behind us. It's been a busy day, he says. Not stopped. I'm glad we stopped by.

NB: I'm not absolutely sure what the name of this place is. Could be the Martlesham Cafe, could be Big Breakfasts, who knows.

If it was a car -- VW Caddy.
If they were passing by -- M Night Shyamalan.