EDitorial ± 30-May-2012

Woodbridge Lunches: Honey & Harvey

Eight months to the day since we hitched the horses at Honey & Harvey. They'd been open for about five minutes, that much was clear, and it wasn't great. I nearly didn't write it up: being negative is neither Big nor Clever.

Out from Blue 6 arrives an email -- hi, Sarah -- saying, rightly, that I should pay them another visit (and one or two more points besides). Spurred on, I saddled up the Boardman and trotted over. Board outside is funny: "Free WiFi (no Cloud rubbish)." Papers dotted around include the inevitable EADT and "the i", last spotted in St Nicholas Stores. Good start.

All much slicker with a new display unit showing off some fantastic looking baguettes of crayfish, egg, etc, plus racks of (local East Anglian) Fairfields farm crisps and soft drinks. Shame that the trip was impromptu so I'm here today for just the kaffee und kuchen. Those massive scones, alas, are cheese, not fruit. Huge slice of Victoria sandwich? Piece of lemony bakewell? No, I'll try that pecan ring thing, which goes down rather well with a classy flat white.

Too bakin' hot to sit in the walled garden: it was blinkin' warm last time too. Hats off for the help-yourself free carafes of cold water a la Nero. More comfortable in the conservatory-type area with the open door leading to the sunshine. Next time you're in that Woodbridge, coast past Costa, keep Nero waiting and give H&H a go.

If it was a car -- Renault Zoe.
If they were passing by -- Kenneth Cranham.