EDitorial ± 18-Oct-2012

Light Lunches: Poppies, Sutton Heath

Mostly, I gets it easy on these lunchtime outings, maybe nabbing a lift in Andy's EcoMobile or doing a 10 minute bike ride into Ipswich from home. Squeezy lemons. Conversely, it's usually that Andy who's either at the wheel or riding his bendy bike into the wind.

All change this week: Andy's "working" from home and I'm doing the 7.5mile cycle ride to meet him nearby. Nobody told me about that hill from the Wilford Bridge roundabout up past Sutton Hoo: deploy low gear now. Left at the fork in the road and along the interminable Heath Road towards Hollesley, though thankfully not going quite so far as the Suffolk Punch Trust. Relief to finally turn left into Sutton Heath, "home of Rock Barracks 23 Engineer Regiment (Air Assault)", or so the sign says. Past the Mace shop and Friston Road -- clearly a typo -- into Easton Road, and there's the community centre on the RHS. Phew: somewhere in there is Poppies.

Because he didn't want his food to go cold, Andy's already inside devouring his soup and toastie, an absolutely bargainous £2.75. Me too, please: tasty carrot & coriander soup plus tuna toastie. Not forgetting Yazoo (Only You). Coincidentally passed Poppy's Pantry in Melton on the way here. No relation, says the smiling lady, since this is MoD owned. Room reminds us of Cafe 66, though that didn't have doors open to a decking area by a football pitch. Also spotted some paninis and a colourful looking salad.

There's signs for the forthcoming Big Brew to be organised by the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association, minding your apostrophes. About to order dessert, we have to tuck our shirts in as some proper soldiers walk in wearing camouflage gear. Can't be that effective since we can see them clear as day. Back to counter for a rather nice piece of lemon sponge and a half decent Americano, c/w Rioba caramelised biscuit. If you're nearby for the monthly craft fair, do pop in to Poppies.

If it was a car -- Willys MB.
If they were passing by -- Ross Kemp.