EDitorial ± 4-Jan-2013

Light Lunches: Yoxford Post Office

I'd forgotten that in the glory glory days of our dearly departed friend Grenvyle, there was an unwritten rule about how far we could travel for a Light Lunch. Felixstowe was OK, ditto Framlingham, though Orford was pushing it. Now we're back back back and licking the virtual envelope. Have wheels, will travel.

According to both Gene Pitney and Google Maps, we're 25 minutes from Yoxford, including an aborted left turn in Stratford St Andrew. Approaching Y-ville there's a handy sign advising that the Post Office offers both a cafe and WiFi. Wow. Opposite the King's Head is our actual left turn. On past the general store, on further past Main's Restaurant -- looks good -- and there's the PO on the RHS. Unusually, you can park right outside its front door.

Innards are rather ramshackle at the mo', truth be told, but they're mid-refurb with a new kitchen, flooring, tables, in the pipeline. Not a problem. Savoury options are correspondingly limited to a sandwich and crips. That's fine, too. We park ourselves in the window, surrounded by posh chutneys, and flick through the EADT and Places & Faces. Freshly made sarnies turn out to be unexpectedly good. A chat with hospitable Adrian -- picture a Dutch darts player -- reveals that he and his wife are new-ish here, having previously run a London pub. It's flat and quiet here, he says. And that's heaven. Yoxford's an attractive moneyed place albeit full of 2nd homes. Opposite sits Milestone House, quite the picture.

Can't let that fancy coffee machine stand idle. Half-decent latte (save that Lichfields caramelised bicsuit for later) goes down well with some iced lemon cake. Pleasing to see some other folk in here too. Plus, Andy took the opportunity to buy some Blu-Tack too. Great idea to head off to the Post Office and pause for a coffee, in my highly caffeinated opinion. I'd be packing parcels every day.

If it was a car -- Postman Pat Classic Car.
If they were passing by -- Fred Housego.