EDitorial ± 9-May-2013

Light Lunches: Trinity's Cafe, Saxmundham

Out past the farmcafe, way beyond Friday Street and, er, hit a right before you hit Yoxford. Think petrol grows on trees? This'll be our first run of several to the "popular market town" (gotta love a town council website) of Saxmundham. It's got the lot, you know, if by "the lot" we mean a Waitrose and a station. That, mes amis, is a killer combo.

Sitting plum on Market Place next to the rather fine Old Bank House is Trinity's At No. 14, at one time known as the Corner House Cafe. Sun's out -- hoorah -- though we're not, deciding on a wind-free table in the bright and friendly interior. Wherever you sit, there's the strangest feeling that Al Pacino is watching you. Hoo-hah.

Before we've even seen the menu, there are multiple thumbs aloft for free WiFi and today's Times and a feathering of local flyers for Folk East, Alternative Aldeburgh, Orford Ness, etc. Specials this Thursday include a tasty sounding spicy lentil soup. Not quite up to that, I'll take a large hummus bap with caramelised onion: yum. Look at me with my veggie shoes. I may have imagined that they were offering an Ian Dury tribute delicacy, the Saxmundham long sausage roll. That could be the chickpeas talking.

Back for a jolt, Andy -- today's chauffeur -- steals my thunder by ordering a flat white. Which leaves me with a half-decent Americano with HMOTS. That little biccy can wait until mid-afternoon 'cos I gots me a wodge of goody flapjack to digest. And in an encouraging sign of maturity, Andy disses the lemon drizzle and goes for the fruit and seed bar instead. Treat yourself down at Trinity's and watch the world go by.

If it was a car -- Sunbeam Alpine Series V.
If they were passing by -- Alun Armstrong.