EDitorial ± 5-Jun-2013

Light Lunches: Common Room, Framlingham

Dear old Sheeranville, aka Fram. Our previous visit in An Official Capacity was, gulp, five years ago. Curiously that was to the Bridge Street Cafe at 22 Bridge Street. Today both the sun and the flags are out to welcome us back to 22 Bridge Street, because Bridge Street Cafe is dead. Long live the Common Room. Not sure about that definite article but seems wrong to leave it out.

I liked the previous down-to-earth BSC and so did the kids, so we were all disappointed to learn of its demise. Initial signs are that this new place, with its old wooden furniture, book case and even a typewriter (?), has gone up the market. Behind the counter menu is most promising with a chicken and chorizo pie, piri-piri plates plus the obligatory all day breakfast combinations. I'm smitten by the sound of "eggy bread with bacon and tomatoes" which, FF-ing 10 mins, is the bomb. That is some most excellent bacon on some sweetly appetising bread. And that freshly made apple, carrot and ginger smoothie takes me straight back to Carrot Cake. Oh, Avi.

Good buzz in here inc. a bunch of three schoolgirls talking exams. Having taken delivery of their lattes, the trio skedaddle outside for some cheeky pavement fags. Then they're back in for their bacon baps. Oh, da yoof.

Triple cherries to (the) Common Room for their free WiFi and newspaper selection (hooray for The "i"), and was that The Beano there too? Also, stacked in the corner, are some board games if you're feeling the Cherry Tree vibe. Three-quarter decent cake selection too: Andy's done in by his Welsh Rarebit and says to go on ahead without him. I soldier on with a chunk of white choc cake, most yum with a vg latte AND a biscuity finger on the side. Oh, Vienna.

Footnote: p'raps you can better tell how much I liked it from the fact that I took Ma and Pa there for lunch that following weekend, and can thus also vouch for the fab blueberry pancakes. Go get yourself some uncommon treats.

If it was a car -- Alfa Romeo MiTo.
If they were passing by -- Nic Pandolfi.