EDitorial ± 6-Apr-2018

Light Lunches: Bakes & Blossoms, Brantham

Couldn't quite do three Friday trips in succession 'cos of the movable feast that is Easter. Did, however, stroll with Kev to the ever reliable Mumma Jones and, with the darling family, pop in to the strengh-to-strength Honey & Harvey on a grey Good Friday. Quick shout out to the ladies providing top tea and cake at the 44th Annual Art Exhibition And Sale at Tate Needham.

Following Friday, supposedly the warmest day of the year, and Kev's somehow found yet more annual leave. Me and Andy the retiree, aka the usual suspects, venture forth. Why turn left at the Brantham Bull when you can stay on the windy road? Sharp left into Birch Drive and thither lies what planners term a "local centre", that being a small row of shops. Right to left, we spy a Co-op, Guys & Dolls hairdressers and, on the far left, Bakes & Blossoms. Curious that StreetView, not updated since 2009, doesn't have B&B but instead shows Acacia Carpets.

These days there's less shag and more sarnies and salads plus veg curry, chilli, ploughman's, et cetera. Quite the choice at our window table. If you had money on us ordering from the breakfast menu, you're quids in. Amused to see the normal brekky described as the single and the larger version as "double everything in the single". For me, the double egg with beans on granary, ta v. much, with Andy opting for a baguette with "the works". Fair wait, if we're honest, with tons of time to admire the various gifts for sale including kids' lunchboxes, umbrellas and other random items reminiscent of Wigglywoo's.

Class difference is evident with me (from Ipswich) handed my Frobishers cranberry while Andy (from Woodbridge) is offered a glass. Other tables are occupied and here comes our big old white plates laden with fried goodness. Faced with The Works, Andy's not exactly sure where to start. I suspect he didn't eat again that day. To tell the truth, neither of us could face what appeared to be stonking family size slabs of caramel shortbread or bread pudding eyeing us from under the counter. Settled for a very acceptable takeaway latte. Saw the bakes. Where's the blossoms?

If it was a car -- anything with a Febreze Blossom & Breeze air freshener.
If they were passing by -- Will Sharpe.