EDitorial ± 23-Aug-2018

Ipswich Lunches: Hullabaloo

It's entirely possible that, in the past, I've had the odd dig at friend Kev for not keeping up with the caffs in his seaside town of The Stowe. Not like me with The Swich, painfully poised with my nose to the pavement and my ear to the fence. Until this very morning when Mr. Google informed me of a headline from June's East Anglian Daily Times saying "Partners Open a New Vegan Cafe in Cemetery Road". Seriously? Happens that Andy's in the vicinity and I'm WFH. Let's veg it.

One pm on the dot, more or less, and I've locked up the Raleigh outside a flat-roofed raspberry-coloured rectangle that used to house Wrights of Ipswich, stonemasons. It's now Hullabaloo and home to Jon and Jennie's upcycled chairs and couches. Their colourful brunch 'n' lunch blackboard boasts beaucoup de waffles plus:

  • guacamole on Pump Street sourdough
  • Syrian falafel, lemony tahini dressing, hummus, pickles, red onion, radish with runner bean pesto and olives, plus PS sourdough

Guac for the cyclist, falafel for the driver, and while we're waiting, a thick summer smoothie for him, served with a spoon, and a not Fentiman's nor Karma Kola nor Belvoir nor Old Jamaica ginger beer for me. I swore I'd remember that name. Truth be told, we're there for a goodly while until our food comes -- maybe they're still growing it round the back -- but it's very much worth the wait. Super fresh, hyper colour, maximum taste. Bit of a change from our regular ADB bap.

Despite being a drizzly Thursday and its unique off-off-Woodbridge-Road location, there's an extremely healthy selection of other healthy folk in here. Inevitably there's talk of the veggie Museum Street Cafe still going strong in town. Andy's gotta hit the road, bless him, leaving YT to seek sweetness in the form of a berry crumble and decent flat white. (By the way, if you see me and you've got a couple of minutes, ask me about my mum buying a piece of gluten-free carrot cake in Framlingham.)

Totally hats off and doffed to J&J. Locally sourced, renovated building and doing good things for their community. Food's not half bad too. This, friends, is veg with edge.

If it was a car -- Nuna 9 solar car.
If they were passing by -- John Robb.