EDitorial ± 11-Jan-2019

Light Lunches: Boardwalk, Rendlesham

Two-zero-one-niner and here we go again. Andy's survived the festive period. Shame that nobody thought to buy him a Gillette Mach 3 or one of those Harry's blades advertised everywhere. Probably just as well he's not got his hands on a cut-throat since he's slightly dejected after not landing a fresh job. Still hasn't found what he's looking for, our friend from the North.

Out through Eyke-you-like past Jars Of Clay and left into the not-Poundbury that is Rendlesham. Andy's keen young eyes pick out the signs to the village centre to land a convenient parking place. By the ex-Costcutter Co-op and Chinese and hair and vets places stands the the Boardwalk. Sharing its name with its peer at Felixstowe, this one was opened late 2017 as "a local venue for the community".

All very spacious and wooden and family-friendly, they're open from 10am until it's quiet. Proper kitchen's on the way. For now, we'll settle for a sausage roll and a bag of crisps, ta very much, with a J2O from the well-stocked bar. Pool table round the back, the good folk run craft mornings, show films and run occasional karaoke sessions. Poster behind Andy's back tells me that "Andy Otley IS Elvis" and I can see for myself for only a fiver. Bargain.

Bunch of others enjoying a cuppa coffee on a chillsome day. We're more than happy to join them with a monster flat white and a humungous slab o'cake as per Friday traditions. Super friendly waitress, chatting with Andy the beard, tells us that they sometimes get wanderers from the Maharishi Peace Palace two minutes away. That's a story for another day.

If it was a car -- WalkCar by Cocoa Motors.
If they were passing by -- Tim Burgess.