EDitorial ± 5-Apr-2019

Ipswich Lunches: St Elizabeth Hospice

Already April, clocks have sprung forward, and finally time for a collectable light lunch outing. Kev's ruled himself out -- that lad doesn't know when to stop -- hence that ex-Defiants pairing of Broom and Cassy for the passenger and driver seats respectively. Both of us been to the hub cash machine. On y va.

Lack of prep due to trip rustiness means we're fairly aimlessly heading into central Ipswich down that l-o-n-g Foxhall Road. Approaching the Bixley Road roundabout with Nosh over there, we both notice big changes to the old Heath Road Post Office. There are folk visibly sitting at tables. Andy executes a slick Starsky & Hutch 180 to take us into the handy bendy layby to park outsize the snazzy new St Elizabeth Hospice shop. Charity doings to the right, contemporary cafe to the left. That'll do nicely.

All very smart421 within with those big windows. Apparently only been open for a few weeks, their savoury selection (to be expanded) currently comprises prepack sarnies or sausage rolls. Pas de probleme. Tuna & cu plus pack of Corkers crisps and a jolting Fentimans mandarin and seville orange jigger make for a fine Friday mini-feast. Folk at the other tables clearly have similar ideas.

While Andy's sorting coffee and cake, excellent chance to run my literary eye over the floor-to-ceiling shelves of books. Again, I'm not the only one doing this. Chauffeur returns with a large milky coffee and a slab of top notch carrot cake. Being of sounder mental strength than myself, Andy's going without. I'm now pumped to bike back to work at speed if only we weren't in the car. Most enjoyable outskirts location in which to catch up.

If it was a car -- Bentley State Limousine.
If they were passing by -- Claire Foy.