EDitorial ± 23-Aug-2019

Light Lunches: T's Bar, Levington

Trouble at mill -- it's not been a good work week -- but at least Andy's visibly moving on FindMyFriends and offering to drive the pair of us somewhere for a bite. Biking sweatily over to Felixstowe a few weeks back, I'd eyeballed a new one for the list. Allons-y.

Arrayed on top of each other on the A1156 (just past the Seven Hill cemetery) are a trio of signs:

  • (black on white) Levington and Marina
  • (white on brown) The Ship Inn with cutlery symbol
  • (black on yellow) Stack area

That brightly coloured final one points the way to the old Felixstowe Road, the one your ma and pa would have taken in their Triumph Toledo prior to the pervasive A14. This literal backroad includes a mile of dual carriageway. Pre London Olympics, circa 2012, you'd have found the Doubledeck Diner here. Now we find the comparatively less mobile T's Bar complete with hanging baskets, union flag and a portaloo, my-my.

Tracy's got it going on with her craftily adapted caravan. Wooden steps lead to the open doorway. To the left, comfy seating and a telly. To the right, the kitchen. Further right are more tables in a room bedecked with what? Fast cars? Nope. Inspirational views? Nope. Buddhas? Yep. Anyway, what form of all-day breakfast would you like? Takes our orders, does Tracy, and we grab some high seats outside.

No packs of hyena drifting regally across the savannah -- more distant views of long-distance DAFs -- but at least we're in the sun, and man, it's hot. First up, Andy's breakfast bap. Burger and bacon and sausage and egg: that's giving our boy three meals in one. My ham egg 'n' chips is, I like to think, more modest yet still fills a large plate. Fills one of Bernard Cribbins' holes and then some. Given their current planning permission spat, dunno if T's will endure. Nobody else is offering that service there so best of luck to 'em.

If it was a car -- DAF CF.
If they were passing by -- Donald Gee.