EDitorial ± 13-Sep-2019

Ipswich Lunches: Hank's Deli

Quarter to two on a pleasant Friday lunchtime, seated solo in Caffe Nero facing Marks and Sparks in central 'Swich. Good in-house wifi is letting me get on with some work of national importance while I nurse a £1.80 bottle of Coke Zero. Borrowed a handful of grapes and a satsuma from the office to keep me going 'cos who knows when Andy will ring?

At 15:36, the call comes. Great, I say. Meet you up Lloyds Avenue -- yes, through the archway -- at that odd place that was Powwow & Pip. I don't mention that it was Cafe de Montparnasse before that, and even earlier was the much-missed Enjoy. New in at 38 is Hank's Deli. Glossy fast-food style wall menu offers burgers, nuggets, quesadillas and fries. Oh, and everything is 110 per cent vegan.

Falafel wrap please, says me to the cheery bearded fella, and a can of Dalston's fizzy blackcurrant from the extremely well-stocked fridge. Just an organic cola for Andy since he's still digesting a large home-cooked lunch. That boy's a pro. Sat outside in the Lloyds Avenue wind tunnel, Andy asks: was that the guy from Carrot Cake? That was Avi; this is Geoff. Both clearly know their grub, both sport wild facial hair, both hail from Canada. Uncanny.

Inside for a warming filter coffee (with oat milk, naturally) and, as part of a fiver deal, a walloping Trivial Pursuit triangle of chocolate cake with icing boulders and bits of Oreo. Seating in the back, free water refills, many boxes ticked. Any number of folk turned up to buy plant-based goodies from the extensive shop while we filled our faces. What with Hullabaloo (now on St Peters St) and Felixstowe's Greenhouse Cafe to name but two, this non-meat thing could catch on.

If it was a car -- Soybean car.
If they were passing by -- Avi Kniznik.