EDitorial ± 22-Nov-2019

Ipswich Lunches: Hullabaloo

For my benefit, here are the most recent winners of the "best cafe / tea room" stroke "best coffee / tea shop" category in the Suffolk Food & Drink Awards (FADA):

All hail Hullabaloo. Didn't the veggie venders do well? So well, in fact, that they've risen from their undead Cemetery Road stonemason's HQ to hit The Saints, as I believe we're now meant to call this lit bit of town. Far easier to find, nearly opposite the mighty Applaud (see above), and they've managed to preserve that raspberry conserve colour scheme.

Stacks more seats and sofas, including some round the back, and, like The Greenhouse Cafe, they offer a bunch of tantalising "plant-based" platters. Right-hand side of today's board had the following:

  • aromatic apricot koftas with beetroot mahamara, tahini dressing, winter roast vegetable, lentil and quinoa salad with tamerind dressing — 8.5
  • sourdough toast topped with mixed garlic mushrooms, tarragon spinach, porchini cream and roasted hazelnuts — 8
  • sweetcorn fritters topped with scrambled tofu, spinach, tamari seeds, sweet smokey beans and mayo — 8
  • roast cauliflower & jerusalem artichoke soup, topped with truffle oil & cream — 6.5

Koftas for me, mushroom toast for Andy who's somehow parked right outside even without his blue badge. Plates are a riot of colour and textures. Coffee and cake can't be faulted, either. Place is buzzing, too. Come and see what the fuss is all about at Hullabaloo.

If it was a car -- Polestar 2.
If they were passing by -- Bill Murray.