EDitorial ± 11-Jul-2022

Ipswich on Film: Lovejoy, Breaking The Broker

Among the final few Lovejoy episodes was Breaking The Broker.

Shown on BBC1 on Sunday 13th November 1994, it features a number of scenes shot in Ipswich.

See also Requiem Apache and Yesterday's Hero.

— Port of Ipswich —

Episode opens at the Port of Ipswich with a police raid on a Polish boat captained by Sidelski (Struan Rogers); Det Sgt Pulver (Gary Waldhorn) sips tea from a red Thermos.

— Stoke Quay —

We see Lovejoy (Ian McShane, of course) and Tinker (Dudley Sutton) driving a white pick-up along Stoke Quay to park by The Steamboat.

— Steamboat Front Door —

Pausing outside the front door of The Steamboat, Lovejoy questions Tinker's loyalty.

— Steamboat Interior 1 —

Lovejoy plays chess with smuggler Sidelski ("You be Nigel, I'll be Garry") in the rear of The Steamboat.

— Jeff's Cafe, Wherstead Road —

Tea is taken at Jeff's Cafe on Wherstead Road; years later a photo of Ian McShane and Dudley Sutton still graced the wall of the Megabyte Cafe.

— Steamboat Interior 2 —

Dodgy pawnbroker Adam Bailey (Martin Jarvis) searches for Tinker in The Steamboat.

— Felaw Maltings —

Martin Jarvis catches up Tinker outside the scruffy Felaw Maltings.

— Vernon Street / Hawes Street —

Tinker gratefully accepts a lift in Sidelski's bright red Lada near the Vernon Street / Hawes Street roundabout.

"Breaking The Broker", along with other Lovejoy episodes, is currently free to watch on UKTV Play.