EDitorial ± 27-Jan-2023

Light Lunches: CafeFlex

What's this, what's this? Two trips in an eight day period? Haven't done that since July 2021 with Little Beans and The Hold, both in the 'Swich. Yet here we are, Andy direct from his U3A ping-pong at Bromeswell and me on the Adastral runway. Lift-off.

Down to the A12/A14 Seven Hill Interchange where there are still fresh signs of an Audi having tried to go straight across the central mound, and Andy wisely follows the curving road. No Levington turn-off today but on a wee bit further to the well-signed CafeFlex (close to the Toad Hall campsite) which "offers Morning Energy Boosts, Breakfast Bowls, Shakes and Smoothies" (their capitals). We'd been here for a cuppa coffee back in November 2021 after an all-day bap at the Brightwell bus cafe (current status uncertain) and decided to come back to savour the savoury.

Into the conservatory, fairly busy, and through to the inner sanctum, really busy. The caff is bolted on to StudioFlex, home of "luxury boutique fitness", though I suspect that most punters (ourselves included) aren't here for the burpees. Laminated sheets proclaim the detox joys of fruity goodness such as the tropical trio, berry burst, mango mix and strawberry split -- congrats on the alliteration -- and prices, while not quite Honey & Harvey, stretch to nearly fourteen quid for the chilli or chicken caesar bowl. Humbler sarnies for us, we conclude, opting for halloumi (him) and roast chicken & egg (me) from the long list of fillings. There'll be a bit of a wait, we're advised, and that's true. Kitchen's going full pelt, us sat salivating by the newly plated orders. Still, nice woman is suitably apologetic when our number finally comes up. New system, she says, and we're learning it today. Good quality raw (untoasted) sandwiches with a suspicion of crips and a smidge of leaves incorporating pomegranate seeds. Class.

My furious work ethic means I can't justify staying another half-hour for dessert so that'll be a takeaway, please, of carrot cake (also vg) and white brownie, unlikely to be endorsed by the fitness nerds next door, with a good flat white. Very much that cake made of carrots back at my desk.

  • website -- Cafe Flex, Three Rivers Business Centre, Felixstowe Road

If it was a car -- Ford Flex
If they were passing by -- Robert Fleck.