EDitorial ± 6-May-2023

Light Lunches: Strong Beans, Claydon

When we last chartered Andy's charabanc up Church Lane to the Claydon Community Cafe, QEII, then 90, had recently overtaken her g-g-gm Victoria to become the world's longest-reigning monarch. Fittingly, it was raining that day. Seven years on and we're indadvertently celebrating KC3's big day with a return visit to a new enterprise at the snappily titled Claydon and Barham Community Centre. Will there be Poulet Reine Elizabeth on the menu?

Off that busy-busy A14, past the "Welcome to Claydon Please Drive Carefully" sign and turn right before The Crown. If you're in luck, you should see a board on the left for Strong Beans: which we did, which was handy and a bit of a relief for yours truly. Sadly, we arrived about ten minutes late for a full cooked breakfast, clearly being enjoyed by some of the many others already at their tables. Never mind: £3.50 BLT for me, ta, and a £4.00 breakfast bap for the driver. Sorry, says the lad, we're fresh out of sausage but I'll pop in another rasher. Andy's grin confirmed that wasn't a problem.

Through to the flag-festooned hall where a few kids were running around, perhaps powered, like me, by a Lucozade Sport, while the very best people were moving somewhat more slowly on the big screen TV behind us. We're discussing the remarkable performance of The Greens to take Mid Suffolk District Council when a young woman brought our sarnies: vg BLT with plenty o' bacon, and they even found the last sausage for the driver. Are we in Mid Suffolk, we asked the waitress? Not sure, she said. Are you old enough to vote, we enquired? Yes, she said, but I didn't: that's wrong, isn't it? I'll be sure to vote next time. Good news all round, yes?

At 12:18 came two pings on my phone:

  1. The Guardian -- King Charles III crowned at Westminster Abbey
  2. Crown your day -- Celebrate the coronation of King Charles III with a McDonald's

Time for a performance-enhancing pre-ping-pong patisserie; their cake selection looked fit for a prince. Shared an excellent biscoff slice with a republican Americano and took away a chocolate cookie that I forgot all about until that evening. Had it that evening and, let me tell you, that was the best cookie I've ever had.

If it was a car -- Bean 14 Coupe
If they were passing by -- Kieran Hodgson.