EDitorial ± 6-Jul-2006

World Cup 2006, Day 28

Top Ten Reasons To Support Italy in the final:

  1. was overtaken on Valley Road earlier this week by a Maserati
  2. in the hope that The Pasta Place will give away cakes to celebrate
  3. their penalty-taking makes England look competent
  4. so that James Richardson stays employed
  5. every Ipswichian owes it to the founder of Peter's Ice Cream
  6. my boss landed them in the office sweepstake
  7. 'cos Cannavaro is Mr Cool of calcio
  8. each and every player is contracted to an Italian club: Premiership only gets the aging and the duff
  9. would cheer up Milanese after their 1-0 thrashing by Ipswich in the 2001/02 UEFA Cup
  10. Barzini and the Five Families say so

Forza Azzurri!