EDitorial ± 14-Dec-2009

TT0910, Week 6

As Strictly's Craig would say, what a dis-ah-ster, Team Defiants going down to their worst defeat of the season thus far.

Can't blame PC Andy -- did his best, as ever, and even landed his first end of division 2 against Weird Bat Alan.

Might have expected slightly more of Boyton Boy, who did well to topple Alan but came unstuck against the other two.

Ed landed a BFZ -- Big Fat Zero -- and subsequently tried to blame:

  • not having the right shoes having left his trainers at work
  • playing with an increasingly crumbling bat
  • lack of oxygen having not cycled to work that day
  • poor lighting conditions
  • unfortunate order of play, coming up against their best player first
  • no warm up
  • the coldness of Baylham Village Hall, aka Ice Station Zebra
  • thinking about last minute Christmas shopping

... and generally being a bit rubbish on the night.