EDitorial ± 14-Mar-2013

Light Lunches: Douglas Bader, Martlesham Heath

Got an hour and a bit for an ever-so-slightly-extended Friday lunch yet got no transport to hand. As ZZ Top kind of advised, we've got legs and we know how to use them. Over the gritted A12 pedestrian bridge between Kingpin and Squash Club to the Heath. Done both the chippy and the bakery: about time we did the pub.

Within the door to this one are some snaps of the official opening by none other than Douglas Bader, he of the prosthetic limbs with the strong resemblance to Kenneth More. To further emphasise the theme, the lounge includes a frieze of WWII planes, numerous aviation paintings and a large overhead propellor fan. As the big board says, "Don't Fly By ... Drop In!"

Chock-full in here today. Fortunate to taxi to a spare table. These folk know that there's some good value grub to be had from the choice-ridden Travelodge-esque menu. Our brief walk hasn't quite finished off my earlier vg breakfast at the Holeshot bus cafe, so it'll be something from the "lite bite" section. Bonus points to the DB for offering free WiFi from The Cloud, today's EADT, leaflets for local events and cherry Coke in the fridge. Many boxes ticked.

Was expecting a fair wait for food given the airfield crowds, but they've got it sussed, our plates appearing in less than 10 mins. My ham & egg & chips -- more than acceptable portion size -- goes down like a spiralling Bf109, in a not tasteless but tasty way.

This being Red Nose Day, and with Andy sporting his comedy bowtie, we have to take off back to the office to purchase charity cakes and coffee. That Douglas Bader is AOK if you're flying past.

If it was a car -- 1904 Darracq.
If they were passing by -- Gary Numan.