EDitorial ± 4-Mar-2015

TT1415, Week 20

Yang kindly offered Ed a lift to Capel and to Capel they went, heading the length of The Street before parking in a handy layby. But where, pray, is the church? Remember that it's dark and cold out. Along the road but no big stone building in site. Back to the car for a scout around when lo, the bell rings out. Not the easiest location to find is the point.

The boys are back in the village tonight: Ed and Yang and Steve, scratching in the divisional dirt for a handy point or two to keep ourselves afloat. Upstairs in the carpeted church hall are the Capel disciples, ever-friendly weirdly-rubbered Peter and two Colchester league chappies, younger man-in-black James and older man-in-hoodie John. In brief:

  • OK 1/3 for Ed, easing past John but coming unstuck 3-1 in both others
  • relieved 1/3 for Yang, finally pushing past John in five close ends
  • good 1/3 for Steve, playing well to beat John in straight ends

What with Yang sweaty and panting after his five-setter, up to Ed and Steve to nick another point in the doubles. Never looked likely after the first game and then got worse, going 10-0 down in the second leg. Still, three gold points are ours with only two games to play.