EDitorial ± 20-Mar-2017

Crinkle-Crankle Walls in Suffolk, 90

(visit the list of crinkle-crankle walls in Suffolk and view the accompanying Google map)

— (90) Worlingham, The Walnuts —

(visited 19-Mar-2017)

Up in the Bungay area recently, I revisited the phenomenal 12 foot tall monster crinkle-crankle on Garden Lane in Worlingham. It's an absolute wonder, sitting there in the midst of a modern estate, an isolated relic.

Mr Google suggested it was previously part of the grounds at Worlingham Hall. Their village sign even depicts a long snake-like wall in the background. Hoping to see said sign on Sunday 19th March, it wasn't there! Taken away for spring cleaning, perhaps?

More non-Bing-ing uncovered another Rightmove house where "the garden is enclosed by a crinkle crankle wall." Part of a neighbourhood watch area, a local resident of The Walnuts eyed us with interest as we parked half on the kerb and took snaps of the six-foot wall. Clearly nowhere near as remarkable as its cousin in Garden Lane, it sprouts a not unattractive coping (like Old Station Road in Halesworth) and featured a colourful bunch of daffs in one of the inner parts.

EDitorial ± 12-Mar-2017

130Story: Accepted / Analyst / Today / Unusual / Relative

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EDitorial ± 9-Mar-2017

Light Lunches: John Hutton, Butcher, Earl Soham

Couple of Sundays back, was weaving through the Suffolk countryside with me Ma en route to 221B in Sheeranville. Despite staring long and hard at that route, took a wrong turn and pulled over in Earl Soham close to their crinkle-crankle wall. More photos, inevitably, then eyed a "coffee shop" sign over the road. Ooh.

Blackboard on the pavement outside John Hutton, Butcher spoke these irresistible words:

HOT Bacon Rolls:
Suffolk sweet pickle
Suffolk smoked back
Suffolk unsmoked back
Suffolk smokey streaky

You would, wouldn't you? BLTs, if you please, with your best smoked back. Certainly sir, he said. Take a seat outside and I'll bring them out. Marvellous to grab a pew in front of the shop opposite the bowls club, admire the passing traffic (more than you'd think) and soak up some spring rays, That is some quality pig meat, best I've had since Woodbridge's Wild Strawberry.

Shop itself is, frankly, a thing of beauty. Presentation is ace with minted lamb, spatchcock chicken with lemon & ginger, and oh so many cheeses, plus all the king-of-the-deli names like Stokes, Leon's and Aspall. Plenty of passing trade while we finished our savouries and moved on to slices of fruit cake washed down with a fine cup of MorBeans coffee. Must make mention of the apples piled in bowls which act as centrepieces for the tables. Most original. Must we really go back to work?

If it was a car -- Bristol V8 Bullet.
If they were passing by -- Craig Gazey.

EDitorial ± 5-Mar-2017

130Story: Exposed / Multiple / Followed / Innovation / Note

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EDitorial ± 3-Mar-2017

Comfort Break

(75 word short story published on Paragraph Planet on Friday 03-Mar-2017)

Surely they're having a laugh? Pay frozen, again? Outrageous.

Trooping out of the briefing, most of the disgruntled turn right. George and me head left.

In lieu of banknotes, says George, they've upgraded the blowers in the loo. Look, he says, and cups his hands under the blast to produce a piercing howl.

I'm all fingers and thumbs but then I nail it.

By the time we get both dryers caterwauling, we're laughing like loons.

EDitorial ± 26-Feb-2017

130Story: Lift / Important / Jump / Placed / Prosecutor

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EDitorial ± 24-Feb-2017

Light Lunches: Jan's Baps, A12

T'ain't raining, Zoe's curiously clean and there's only me and the boy Andy. Just the two of us, we can make it if we try. Loose dart is pointed to Darsham destinations, though neither of us is sufficiently minted today for the infamous still-to-do Darsham Nurseries Cafe. Bracket, not really a cafe, bracket.

Straight thirty through Farnham -- note, not driving at 90 down country lanes, Ed -- and over yonder is the day-of-the-week turning for Friday Street and Snape. Our driver spots something else of interest, however: there's a burger van of sorts parked in the lay-by. There's limited signage today but, unmistakably, in a tribute to my mother-in-law, that must be Jan's Baps. Narf.

With a coupla lorries already there, Andy's all-electric city car fits in nicely. You must be Jan, I say, The same, she says. What can I get you lads? Baguette, burger, bap? Well, has to be the bacon and egg bap, ta very much. Butter for me, please, but none for slimfast Andy. Ooh, and a Dr Pepper, please. Facing Jan's open-sided van are some plastic tables and chairs within a three-sided shed, somehow still standing (like Elton) after yesterday's Storm Doris. Come in, it says, I'll give you shelter.

Top bap, needless to say. Doesn't food always taste better outside? Previously the Pit Stop, Jan bought this business as a break from caring and loves the change. Busier in winter, oddly. Proper mug of instant coffee before we head off with some solid stodge in the form of prepack Bakewell and treacle tarts, split messily down the middle-ish. Sets us up pretty well for a Friday pm dozing at the desk. If you're in the vicinity, Jan's your man.

If it was a car -- Hyundai Tucson.
If they were passing by -- Jan Harvey.